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A rise in global warming has increased the threat of mosquito-borne diseases, which in turn is fueling a demand for nets in Africa and South America in particular. While nets are widely available in these markets today, they are generally basic, of poor or mediocre quality, and do not allow the proper flow of air. These nets are not meeting the demand for higher quality products from the rising middle/upper classes in Africa , South America and the expats community. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), rising global warming is an important factor leading to an increase in the number of mosquito-borne diseases such as the most recent Zika virus outbreak in South America, and malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, Dengue, and West Nile virus in Africa. More than a million people die every year of malaria in Africa according to the WHO.

However, many nets on the market today, including those distributed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and sold by most retailers, are too basic and difficult to sleep under because they are made of low quality polyester with holes that are too small to allow proper airflow.

The market today demand better quality nets with more options in terms of fabric type, shapes, ease of use, and design. At this time, the current market is not properly meeting this growing demand.

Bed nets act as natural barriers against mosquitoes at night, when people are at the greatest risk of being bitten. Our nets is made of high quality polyester, cotton fiber.

Our mosquito nets improve the atmosphere of any room by giving it a touch of hotel-style bed net canopies. The bed nets come in different shapes, including circular, igloo, and rectangular. They also come in different bed sizes, including baby, child, twin, full, queen, and king.